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About Wool Wolf

Founded by Chris Samuels and Austin "Lucheek" Vanderwilt in March of 2017 as a community for webcomic creators, particularly for comics that are diverse and inclusive in the ways of sexuality, race, and gender. They were inspired by their other webcomic making friends and wanted to find a way to help support them.

In October of 2018 the torch was passed from the founders to the duo that is Daniel "GlimmeringAlder" Sherman and Candace "VexinglyYours" Ford. The values of the collective have not changed and we especially want to offer a great sense of community and a place for artists of all skills to grow.

Meet Artemis!

Our friendly wooly wolf mascot! She was initially designed by Lucheek during the first ownership. When the place passed ownership is when she got a redesign and a name. Named Artemis as the counterpart to Apollo, the mascot of Haunted Cosmos Press, who is our sister website.