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Critter Coven

by Austin "Lucheek" Vanderwilt
Comedy, Slice-of-LIfe | PG-13 | Updates Wednesdays

Critter Coven is a comic about real life witches...who just happen to be animals. When Florence Greentail decides to host a Practical Magic Study Club, five eccentric strangers soon find themselves in a "Coven" that is more than any of them bargained for. The comic pokes fun at the occult and witchcraft subculture. At the end of each chapter, there is an educational page about real concepts in practical magic.

Crypts & Cantrips

by Kieran Thompson
Fantasy, Adventure | PG-13 | Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Kitov Sige lives and works in the largest archive in the Imperial Capital of Imrodan. He's relatively lucky in that he's got a roof over his head and access to an education, but he always wanted to travel the world and go on an adventure like the ones he's read in books. He's never left the city and rarely leaves the archive on his own time, but that seems like it's going to change very soon.

Deer Me

by Sheryl Schopfer
Slice-of-Life, Romance, Comedy | PG-13 | Updates Fridays

Deer Me is a slice-of-life comic that features friendships, furries, romance, and the lighter side of looking at the dark side of everything. It focuses on a trio of roommates and the hassles that they lovingly cause each other. Happiness is annoying your friends.


by Tony Caline
Action, Adventure | PG-13 | Updates Mondays

Devoid revolves around the story of a lost mortal soul by the name of Meryl, who finds herself cast into the afterlife due to what essentially was an unfortunate clerical error. Upon the realization the her arrival into the Second Plane was due to a mistake, she takes it upon herself to find her way back home, to her old life, and to the loved ones left behind. She'll soon find this task difficult, as war of a grand scale looms over the horizon, and it won't be long before Meryl and her companions are caught in the center of the storm.

Forgotten Roots

by Vexingly Yours
Fantasy, Mystery, Romance | R | Updates Thursdays

Forgotten Roots is a story about five white-haired guys trying to reunite their nation after the fall of the Gods that reigned over it. Unfortunately, they're all pretty terrible at their jobs and must overcome their flaws and other antagonistic forces to complete their goal. This comic explores the importance of memories and features a very diverse cast of characters.

Furry Experience

by Ellen Natalie
Slice-of-Life, Drama | PG | Updates Saturdays

Furry Experience is comedy, drama, furries, and Mormons - in that order. Roommates Cat, Dawn, and Ronnie are attending college in the heart of Utah Valley and Mormon culture. Each have their own unique beliefs and friendships forming as they start adulthood together, leading to several misadventures before anyone earns a diploma!


by Chris Samuels
Fantasy, Adventure | R | Updates Fridays

Rended is the story of a boy trying to find himself and a man trying to lose himself in the chaos of a dying world. The comic is an urban fantasy/adventure story that deals with themes of identity, love, loss, and found family - all with a healthy dose of monsters and magic.

Say Something

by Robin Daehling
Slice-of-Life, Fantasy | PG-13 | Updates Saturdays

Say Something follows the life of Buddy, a young teenager burdened by a demon. The demon is summoned from Buddy's throat and eats whomever they talk to. They try to lead an average life, but it's difficult when such a dangerous presence threatens to kill those you love.


by Sheryl Schopfer
Adventure, Fantasy, Romance | PG-13 | Updates Wednesdays

Sharpclaw is a fantasy comic featuring fairy tales and furry tails. Themes and references include "Snow White and Rose Red", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Rumpelstiltskin", "Rapunzel", "Cinderella", and many others, but in an original story, rather than an adaptation of any particular tale.

Station Starseed

by Austin "Lucheek" Vanderwilt
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama | PG-13 | Updates Fridays

Set on the planet Nyars, a magical planet populated with the colorful anthropomorphic cat-like species known as Nyans, Station: Starseed is the story of Roswell and her journey to discover where she comes from, where she belongs, and why so much of her life feels so out of her own control. The comic is a fantasy-adventure comic with a focus on themes of identity, trust, and the feeling of being lost.


by Isaiah Broussard
Comedy, Adventure, Action, Horror | PG | Updates Mondays

Transyltown is the adventure of Timmy Tepes, a young and shy vampire boy, and his best friend the monster hunter Alicia Timberland. Together they encounter the strange, wacky, and sometimes creepy monsters inhabiting the city of Transyltown!

This Is The Worst Idea You've Ever Had!

by Kieran Thompson
Urban Fantasy, Horror and Slice-of-Life Elements | PG-13 | Updates Sundays

River's Crossing is a relatively normal college town. It is remote, small, and has relatively little industry not connected directly to the school. It also happens to sit on a magical hotspot that attracts all manner of monster and supernatural creatures. Nicole and her friends graduated about a year ago and are trying their best at relationships, being adults, and not getting killed in the process.

Underworld Nightmares

by Daniel "GlimmeringAlder" Sherman
Fantasy, Slice-of-Life, Drama | PG-13 | Updates Wednesdays

Underworld Nightmares is one piece to a five part Chronicle involving creatures of the supernatural variety. The comic deals with a powerful demon who is dead set on trying to take over the Underworld for her own agenda. A lot of characters band together to not only stop her, but help themselves and build strong friendships and relationships of all kinds.

What We Remember Most

by Austin Bradley
Slice-of-Life, Comedy | PG | Updates Mondays

What We Remember Most is a slice of life comedy about anxiety and quarter life crises. Sarah was a child with a lot of plans for her future. Now she's 20 and far, far away from achieving any of those plans. Now she must navigate her average life while also dealing with her past selves and visions of the monster lurking in her psyche.

What's Under My Bed?

by Vexingly Yours
Slice-of-Life, Comedy | PG-13 | Updates Mondays

Ivy is a normal law student, living a not-so-normal world where monsters live among humans. She's never had close encounters with monsters outside of living her day-to-day life, but she's about to have the closest encounter ever: living with them. What's Under My Bed is a comic that explores real world struggles while still maintaining a fun and humorous atmosphere.